The Innovation behind COBOT

Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn Email The collaborative robot   Our Collaborative robots are particularly significant for automatic powder weighing and dispensing due to several key reasons: Precision and Accuracy Cobots can perform repetitive tasks with extremely high precision and accuracy. In powder weighing, where even slight deviations can affect product quality, cobots ensure consistent and exact […]

Why choose Color Service?

Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn Email Why choose us as partner of dosing automation? Are you looking for a partner who can help you with the dosing of your products in the required quantity with accuracy and traceability? COLOR SERVICE can help you with its premium quality equipment and technical expertise! Here are three key factors that you […]

Atex compliance in the dosing technology

Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn Email Atex Regulations It is of utmost importance to ensure safety and compliance with ATEX regulations when dealing with tire, plastic, cosmetics, and food applications. The handling of ATEX-rated materials must be carefully planned and executed to ensure safety and compliance. Here are some factors that can cause certain ingredients to be […]

Color Service appoints the new Sales Director

Facebook WhatsApp LinkedIn Email It is with great pleasure that COLOR SERVICE can announce that Stefano Bortoli will be taking the lead as the new Sales Director, starting from July 1st, 2024.Stefano brings an impressive 23-year career with the company. His journey with us started as a worldwide field Engineer undertaking commissioning for production and […]

The dispensing on the side of sustainability

Color Service is firmly dedicated to sustainability and efficiency in the manufacturing processes, handling significant issues like waste management, chemical usage, and energy consumption as well as minimizing environmental impact. Management of dispersed volatile powder through a vacuum-based system Color Service excels in managing volatile powders, which can be potentially hazardous or easily dispersed, within […]

Continental rewards Color Service

Color Service has obtained a reward as a A-Supplier for the supply of a small chemical weighing system for the customer Continental. The award was awarded following a rigorous evaluation by auditors accredited at Continental Automotive Group for the year 2022.

Top 10 Tire and Rubber solutions provider

We are extremely honored to be elected as one of the 10 companies in Europe 2023 that are at the forefront of providing Rubber and Tire solutions by Manufacturing Technology Insights!

What ‘s in your tire?

Over 200 raw materials go into tire composition: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, and oil are the main raw materials used in tire production. In this article you may discover how tires are made, all their components and how… Rubber Rubber is the main component used in manufacturing tires, (40% of the composition), and […]

L’Oréal: the case of the beauty multinational company

Beauty is currently one of the most affluent and largest markets all around the world. All skincare and hair care products, as well as make-up and fragrances, need reliable and high-quality manufacturing equipment. Let’s consider perfumes: each bottle must have the same fantastic scent, not to mention skin creams or foundations: they must have the […]

Why should the weighing process be automated?

Weighing raw materials, collecting data, and keeping weighing records may be a time-consuming and error-prone operation. Ingredient dispensing is essential for whatever use they have in the industry including textiles, cosmetics, rubber, food or pharmaceutical and failure to fulfil quality requirements may come from errors committed at this point in the process. These requirements have […]