The Innovation behind COBOT


The collaborative robot


Our Collaborative robots are particularly significant for automatic powder weighing and dispensing due to several key reasons:

Precision and Accuracy

Cobots can perform repetitive tasks with extremely high precision and accuracy. In powder weighing, where even slight deviations can affect product quality, cobots ensure consistent and exact measurements.


Handling powders, especially those that are toxic, hazardous or need to be kept free from contamination, can be risky for human workers. Cobots can operate in environments where exposure to powders is controlled or dangerous, reducing the risk of harm to human workers.

Efficiency and Productivity

Cobots can work continuously without fatigue, motivation, leading to increased productivity. They can handle high volumes of weighing tasks efficiently, improving overall workflow and reducing bottlenecks in the production process.

Flexibility and Adaptability

In the context of powder weighing, they can be adapted to handle various types of powders and different weighing requirements without extensive downtime for reconfiguration.

Consistency and Quality Control

By maintaining a consistent process, cobots help in upholding quality standards. This consistency minimizes the risk of errors that can occur with manual weighing, thus ensuring better quality control in the production process.


Although the initial investment in cobots can be high, the return on investment is realized through reduced labour costs, minimized waste due to precise measurements, and enhanced production speeds. Over time, this leads to significant cost savings.

Integration with Color Service Automatic Dispensing line

Cobots can be easily integrated with our automated systems. Easier integration and data sharing between applications on the same platform streamline workflows and reduce the need for data conversion.