Semi-automation for powder dyes SCMAN

The best semi-automatic dissolver

For SCMAN twelve minutes are enough to fill, dissolve and transfer up to 80 kg of dyes.

Circulation instead of stirrer

SCMAN does not use stirrer (mixer) to dissolve dyes. Three-dimensional circulation dissolves dyes faster and makes easier to clean after dissolve. Some dyes, such as disperse, cannot be dissolved easy with stirrer however circulation can handle it easy and fast. Always perfect dissolving for all kind of dye family.

Automatic adjust the filling water temperature

Depend on dyestuff to be dissolved, SCMAN can reach required temperature by mixing of cold and hot water. Dissolving is done always in ideal condition.

Accessories to add

SCMAN can be combined with steam heated boiler to prepare hot water for dissolvers.

Mono or Multi line

SCMAN is able to work with mono-line and multi-line dispensing technology. SCMAN can be connected to any of Color Service distributor family or 3-Way valves to deliver liquids.