Semi-automation for powder dyes MagRob

Robotic assistance

MagRob is the advance version of Paternoster. Handling robot brings dye boxes near weighing scale to assist the operator. When current box is next to weighing station, another box is brought to be ready for seamless weighing.

Store of empty or prepared buckets

Before starting to weigh using guided weight function, MagRob set an empty bucket on scale. After that brings first, second, third etc. dye boxes near scale. After weighing is completed, prepared bucket is parked to use by dissolver.

Modular stucture

Number of dye boxes or parked buckets is configured according to customer’s needs. Block of boxes or block of buckets can be added any time.

Integrated to auto dissolver SCC

MagRob is designed to be a part of automatic dissolver SCC. The robot of SCC and MagRob can synchronize themselves and prepared buckets are dissolved automatic.