Printing with powder dyes

Unique technology

If reactive and disperse printing is an issue, Color Service has a solution. Color Service gives a unique technology to weigh powder dyes directly without dissolving.

No hydrolysis risk

All printing automations out of Color Service requires to dissolve reactive dyes in advance to weigh in liquid form. However, Color Service is kept reactive dyes in powder form and eliminates hydrolysis risk.

No sedimentation risk

After dissolving of powder dyes, sedimentation is still problem especially for disperse dyes. Some dispersant agent or alginate is added into solution but still problem occurs. To keep dyes in powder and weigh on mother paste directly, avoid this risk.

No liquid, no circulation

Thanks to use direct powder, it is not required to dissolve powder dyes in advance and to store. System works for powder dyes circulation free. Anytime system can be switch off and powder dyes remains without problem.