L’Oréal: the case of the beauty multinational company

Beauty is currently one of the most affluent and largest markets all around the world. All skincare and hair care products, as well as make-up and fragrances, need reliable and high-quality manufacturing equipment. Let’s consider perfumes: each bottle must have the same fantastic scent, not to mention skin creams or foundations: they must have the proper consistency or colour when applied to the skin.
It is easy to understand that accurate dosing of material is essential for any beauty and cosmetics items that need to comply with high-quality standards.


The French Beauty multinational invested in Color Service technology in the Spanish facility in Burgos, automating the dispensing line of raw materials. Burgos plant has three production lines, one is dedicated to shampoo and conditioners, the second one is about hair treatment products and the third one is for dye and hair fixing products. The first stage of manufacturing all these beauty items is certainly the weighing stage. Color Service according to product consumption and customer’s requirements, provided an automatic dosing system equipped with 12 storage silos where raw materials are transferred with low air consumption vacuum and stored as well as an automatic bagging system where the final recipe formulas are dispensed and labelled inside an E.V.A bag. Raw materials are stored according to safety regulations, eliminating the possibility of picking the incorrect material, and the appropriate amount of ingredients is dispensed with high accuracy and speed. Human intervention is totally confined to the fulfilment of raw material into the storage silos, while the automatic dispensing system ensures the correct dispensing of ingredients according to the desired formula to make. To ensure the traceability of the recipes at all times, the system creates EVA bags with an identification label and inserts them into containers that are transferred into the dosing area. The system moves the containers step by step under all dispensing heads of each storage silo, if the container is under the right storage station, the raw material is dispensed accurately. At the end of the dosing, the bag will be automatically removed from containers, sealed and delivered on a motorized roller conveyor ready to be used.

By automating the weighing process, L’Oréal improved and optimized its production efficiency respecting safety protocols that an industry like Cosmetics strictly requires.

You can discover the L’Oréal Burgos plant through this link, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the plant the company realized a virtual tour all through their production departments, where you can find our Automatic Dosing System.