Color dyeing

Modular dyeing unit

Textile laboratory equipment for atmospheric and/or high-temperature dyeing of natural, synthetic, or mixed textile fibers. The system is divided into groups of 5 units each with a max dyebath capacity of 600cc. and max. temperature 130°C.

Indipendent dyeing cycle

Management of completely independent dyeing cycles for each one of the dyeing machines. Units equipped with safety thermostat and thermal insulation with automatic indirect water cooling through solenoid valve.

Dyeing pot features

Each dyeing pot is equipped with: 

– n. 1 drum for automatic introduction of dye bath (max. 600 cc., min 200 cc) 

– n. 1 bins for automatic introduction of auxiliary products (max 80 cc) 

– continuous automatic washing 

– automatic filling 

– automatic dye bath unloading 

– n.1 basket material holder (with right/-left rotation adjustable in minutes) with magnetic drive, therefore without sealing problems. 

-Minimum liquor ratio: 1:8 a 1:10 

Material holder basket

Body in 316 stainless steels featured by the basket rotation with magnetic drive without mechanical seals.