Batch and continuous dyeing SMP

Advance features

SMP has all functions of PPA and additional full automatic solution making.

Independent dissolver

Dyes are dissolved in an independent dissolver before being added to the solution bottle. The conic bottom dissolver ensures a perfect solution.

Automatic chemical addition

If you want to dissolve dispersed or acid-based dyes, add a dispersant agent or acetic acid. With SMP, you can automate this process and add exactly the right amount.

Solution without stopping pipetting

The SMP solution-making unit can work independently and without interruption, allowing solution making and pipetting to be performed concurrently.

Automatic control of the solution lifetime

The expiration time of each solution is automatically monitored and refreshed, even during the night, to ensure freshness upon use.

Automatic bottle washing

Before preparing the solution, SMP thoroughly cleans the bottle and allows for changes in color or concentration.

Up to 80 Powder dye stuff hoppers

Powder dyes are stored in 1,000 cc (1 litre) hoppers in the machine. The loading of powder is very easy and hoppers keep dyes dried.