Batch and continuous dyeing MP

Lab automation for continuous dyeing

Color Service has unique automation system for continuous dyeing process such as Pad Batch, Pad Steam, Thermasol etc. 

When MP prepares dye and alkaline solutions, preparation is done 400 cc for dyes and 100 cc for alkaline exactly.

Accumulation carousel

Each prepared dye and alkaline solution is accumulated in an optional carousel for 10 or 20 beakers.

Up to 80 Powder dye stuff hoppers

Not only dyes, MP prepares also exact gram/litre of concentration for different type of alkaline

Automatic alkaline preparation

A central flowmeter and level controls are connected to control panel which control activity of brine distribution. Pipeline is kept with full of solution. Central control unit just opens and closes valves to fill side tank for required ready to use solution.

Direct dissolve from powder

Dissolving of powder dyes is done directly from powder. Unlike other conventional pipetting machines, high concentration of dye can be used. MP delivers dyes and adds water to arrive exact concentration as gram/liter.

Automatic chemical addition

If you dissolve disperse dyes, you need to add dispersant agent. MP can make it automatic and add exact quantity how you want.