Batch and continuous dyeing MCK

Designed for sample production

Serving machines ranging from 0.5 kg to 15 kg is challenging. These machines are too small for production automation and too large for the lab. MCK addresses this gap and works exceptionally well.

Perfect accuracy

MCK can give 0.001 gram for dyes and 0.1 gram for chemical accuracy. Ideal for sample dye machines.

Robotic handling

Three stages of dye automation with robotic handling, are weighing, dissolving, and transfer. Liquid chemicals are handled in two stages; weighing and transfer. Robots handle all functions.

Compact unit for both of dyes and chemicals

MCK can weigh, dissolve, and transfer dyes and also powder/liquid chemicals completely gravimetric. All these functions are combined in a single body.


Mono or Multi line

MCK can work with mono-line and multi-line dispensing technology. Special-designed mini 3-Way valves or mini distributors can be connected to MCK to deliver sample dye machines.