Automation for powder dyes TRS

Aluminium silos for long lifetime

Aluminum silos offer numerous benefits. They have a longer lifespan and can eliminate static electricity that causes dyes to stick to the silos. Additionally, the strong construction of aluminum silos makes it easier to blow down dyes in case of a “powder bridge” inside the silo. Air blown from the top of the silo can easily push down stuck dyes, ensuring uninterrupted flow.

Best precision

TRS is the most accurate weighing system available in the market. It offers real weighing accuracy up to 0.01 gram of dyestuff, which is not possible with traditional scales. The patented scraper used in the system ensures that dyestuff particles flow down smoothly for a perfect accuracy.

Windproof trolley

The weighing trolley is windproof. Once the bucket moves inside the trolley, it is closed and sealed to protect against any wind and prevent any dye powder from flying away.

No worry of dyes out of automation

In case some of non- frequent dyes are not automated, there is no need to worry. TRS will move the trolley to the side of the machine and allow the operator to add the dyes manually. The rest of the operation will still be fully automatic.

Modular silos

Silo blocks are available in different sizes, ranging from 90 to 450 liters, depending on the amount of dye required. Additionally, silos can be easily replaced or added in the future to accommodate changing needs.

Vacuum loading

Loading dyes is a simple and safe process. Each silo is equipped with an independent filter, loading pipe, and valve. The vacuum process starts by using a barcode reader or control panel to identify the type of dye.

Self-Cleaning filters

Filters are cleaned using reverse air blow instead of vibration, thanks to aluminum silo technology. Other materials create creaks, but aluminum is safe and long-lasting.