Automation for powder dyes SCC

Fastest in the market

SCC can deliver a bucket (keg) of dissolved dyes every 6 minutes.

Circulation instead of stirrer

SCC dissolves dyes using three-dimensional circulation instead of stirrers/mixers. This method dissolves dyes faster and ensures easy cleaning. We guarantee perfect dissolving for all types of dye families.

Automatic adjust of water temperature

When dissolving dyestuffs, the required temperature for SCC can be achieved by mixing hot and cold water, in ideal conditions.

Washing bucket

A washing station for buckets is combined with dissolvers to immediately free the dissolvers after dye dissolves, allowing them to handle another bucket of dye.

Automatic chemical addition

If you are using disperse or acid-based dyes, you need to add a dispersant agent or acetic acid. SCC can automate this process and add the exact quantity needed.

Optional bucket parking

Thanks to the fast dissolving of SCC, it is not necessary to combine any parking stations, as SCC picks up a bucket from weighing as soon as the weighing is completed. Buckets cannot stay in the parking area. However, if manual weighing is done, the operator will add buckets to the parking area to keep them waiting for their turn.

Accessories to add

SCC can be combined with steam heated boiler to prepare hot water for dissolvers.