Automation for powder dyes JIT

Perfect dissolver for sample dye machines

If dye machines are small, such as 10, 15 or 25 kg, it is important to dissolve dyes in less water. This is exact function of JIT.

Ideal way for correction recipes

If corrections are required for dye machine recipe, add less water to the bath. JIT can handle it efficiently.

Less water

JIT can dissolve and transfer in 12 liter of water only. This does not cause any overflow side tank of dye machines.

Independent work

JIT dissolving operation can be completed independently from other dissolvers. Once dissolved, JIT delivers the solution to dye machines through its own dedicated pump.


Mono or Multi line

SCC, JIT or SGQ dye dissolvers are able to work with mono-line and multi-line dispensing technology. Every dissolver can be connected to any of Color Service distributor family or 3-Way valves to deliver liquids. All dissolvers are flexible to work for both mono-line and multi-line technologies.