Automation for liquids DLV

Mass Flowmeter

The DLV Series is equipped with a mass flowmeter that provides reliable and accurate measurements. The flowmeter can measure liquids regardless of their electrical conductivity and provides results in grams. Density is not an issue thanks to mass flowmeter technology, which has an accuracy of +/- 10 grams.

More accurate than flowmeter

The DLVPS system is equipped with a load cell, which provides more accurate results than a flowmeter for dispensing amounts lower than 500 grams. The load cell unit can achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.1 grams.

Double outlets

The DLV is a dispenser system that can deliver to two destinations simultaneously, which can increase the speed of the system by up to 70%, depending on the factory layout. This feature reduces costs and saves space in the factory.

Mono or Multi line

The DLV are flexible and can work with both mono-line and multi-line dispensing technologies. It can be connected to any of the Color Service distributor family or 3-way valves for liquid delivery.

Air blow technology

Color Service uses air blow technology to deliver liquids to usage points, reducing water consumption and keeping pipes empty with no pressure and no water inside. This increases the life of distribution valves for mono-line systems.

Sensors for safety

DLV Series are equipped with valve position control sensor, line pressure sensor and more. It is designed for safety operation.

Modular structure

DLV Series can be customized over time to add more inlets or outlets for dispensing liquids thanks to its modular structure.