Automation for liquids DLG

Scale for high accuracy

DLG has a scale of 0.01 gram accuracy in weighing liquids. A trolley equipped with scale moves under high-precision dosing valves to achieve the best possible accuracy.

Double dispensing point

DLG has double dispensing (transfer) units each one with dedicated pump, washing and blowing structure. After weighing, a dispenser transfers the liquid while DLG weighs another liquid.

Mono or Multi line

The DLV are flexible and can work with both mono-line and multi-line dispensing technologies. It can be connected to any of the Color Service distributor family or 3-way valves for liquid delivery.

Air blow technology

Color Service uses air blow technology to deliver liquids to usage points, reducing water consumption and keeping pipes empty with no pressure and no water inside. This increases the life of distribution valves for mono-line systems.

Available for Liquid dyes or Pigments

DLG is the ideal solution for dispensing liquid dyes and pigments with high accuracy thanks to its advanced scaling technology.

Sensors for safety


DLG is equipped with multiple sensors to ensure safe operations.

Accessories to add

DLG can be combined with level control for liquids and loading pump. Also circulation pump in case of liquid dyes or pigments are dispensed.