Why should the weighing process be automated?

Weighing raw materials, collecting data, and keeping weighing records may be a time-consuming and error-prone operation. Ingredient dispensing is essential for whatever use they have in the industry including textiles, cosmetics, rubber, food or pharmaceutical and failure to fulfil quality requirements may come from errors committed at this point in the process. These requirements have led Color Service to engineer fully automatic systems which solve many of the issues present when weighing products manually.

Color Service boasts the widest range of dosing systems on the market, offering high-tech solutions from the automatic dispensing system of powder dyes, liquids and chemicals for textile production as well as laboratory, to automatic dosing systems for compounds or additives applied in the rubber and tire industry, pigments and dyes used in the cosmetics or ingredients applied in the food industry.

Uniformity and repeatability on productivity

The necessity of uniformity on the finished products is essential for all kind of industries. By optimizing and automating weighing operations, any chance of mistakes or human error is totally removed: the operator is guided by computerized procedures, which ensures superior quality, lower variability and constant uniformity on the batch.

Accidentally dispensing incorrect materials can have catastrophic effects on production. Just think to food: measuring ingredients with extreme precision guarantees that they are uniformly distributed and that each tastes the same. Or think to clothing’s: weighing dyes or chemicals with high accuracy avoid the danger of producing out of spec products with defects in terms of colour or texture of the fabric.

Traceability of the recipe and track of the batch

With the automation of the weighing process, all report data will be captured and recorded on the software management system to handle issues regarding quality certifications and lot traceability, removing the need for human verification. Automating the dosing reduces the danger of utilizing incorrect material and dispensing the wrong quantity of material ensuring the right first time dispensing for complete traceability of the manufacturing batch.

Eco sustainability

Weighing manually raw material can expose operators to the inhalation of hazardous powders, dust and chemical that could be toxic and carcinogenic and even exposure to non-toxic powders on a regular basis might cause respiratory difficulties. Automating the weighing phase, the discharge of powders and odours in the environment work is extremely limited thanks to dust extractors under every irrigation point as well as industrial wastages are significantly reduced thanks to the right dispensing at the first time.

In light of this scenario, it is straightforward to understand the crucial role accurate weighing plays in quality control, traceability, safety, productivity, efficiency and reduction of costs.